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Our Dogs

Here are some photos of our dogs having fun competing at shows.
 Later we will be adding new photos of our dogs at play, working or with family.

Visit our memories page, our special place to honor those who have come and gone, and are dearly missed.

CH Huskerdu Moonlight Mystique

CH Husker Du's Sir Shaktoolik CGC - CH Husker Du's Delightful Dream CGC RDT


CH Husker Du's Keep-A-Theiven
View Pedigree

Husker Du's Sunrise Reflection
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SKC/INT'L CH Husker Du's Mercedes Catarina
View Pedigree

CH Husker Du's Delightful Dream
View Pedigree

In Memory
7/10/92- 5/23/02

AKC/SKC / Int'l CH. Husker Du's Hero of the Nite CGC, RTD 

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 CH. Husker Du's Sir Shaktoolik CGC 
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In Memory
12/18/88 to 7/12/02

AKC / SKC / Int'l CH. Husker Du's Lady Catherine, CGC, RTD 
11 years old.

CH Midnite Shadow of Husker-Du
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CH Husker Du's On Cloud Nine
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CH Husker Du's Rock'n Attraction
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CH Husker Du's Ember Essence

In Memory
03/30/1992 - 04/12/2007


SKC/INT'L CH Husker Du's Lady Cossack 
AKC pointed 13 pts including a major
1st place veteran at the Rocky Mountain Siberian Husky Club Specialty, 2006

In Memory
5/1/88 to 7/12/02


Czar Alexander Husker Du

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